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Maximum pressure on Puigdemont to avoid a unilateral declaration

The chief of ranks of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, assures the BBC that the Govern will be decanted by a symbolic declaration of secession

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President Carles Puigdemont will appear tomorrow in Parlament to "report on current political situation". Once session is open, anything is possible, even a unilateral declaration of independence if agenda is amended. All eyes are placed in Puigdemont, who has last word and tries to modulate how to apply result of illegal referendum. The head of ranks of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, said yesterday to BBC that government will be decanted by a "symbolic declaration" of secession.

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The president of Generalitat has always been independent and few doubt his commitment to application of results of consultation of October 1.  In program 30 minuts of TV-3, issued last night, it gives no details on its immediate plans after referendum, nor on wher it will be in plenary of Parlament of Tuesday where it declares independence. TV3 issued an advance of report in which President did speak of this statement: "The Declaration of Independence is foreseen in law of referendum as an application of results." "Therefore, we will apply what law provides." However, this phrase does not appear in final report. The program issued is closed with an appeal from Puigdemont to government of Rajoy to accept mediation. "We have opened door to mediation and we have said yes to as many mediation options as we have raised." But days pass and if Spanish State does not respond positively, we will do what we have come to do.

Yesterday's demonstration in Barcelona put more pressure on table before a possible declaration of independence. The government regarded "from respect" greatest demonstration of force that contrary to secession have managed to organize. Yesterday it was shown that street is not only of independence

The secrecy of government's plans in face of plenary was altered yesterday by statements by Coordinator of his party, PDeCAT. Marta Pascal explained to BBC that Catalan leader will opt for a "symbolic declaration". In it, Puigdemont would recognize in house validity of outcome of referendum, which understands as a legitimate mandate, but would not make a formal declaration of independence. Then he would outline roadmap that executive will follow to achieve secession. Last night, sources of party assured that y had asked for a correction to British medium, so y considered an "erroneous interpretation" of conversation with Pascal. The CUP criticized that way. "There is no possible rhetorical statement to two million votes defended with body on October 1, would be to surrender," tweeted Congresswoman Mireia buoy anti-capitalist.

The pressures for tomorrow's plenary not to pass from an inflamed declaration of intent come from everywhere. Former president Artur Mas admitted on Friday in an interview with Financial Times that Catalonia was not ready to be independent as it lacked basic state structures as a Treasury.

The plan is not easy to prop up and within PDeCAT itself re are doubts about tempos. The government managed to start a few days last week to reorganize script, while advocating an international mediation that would restore institutional normalcy between central government and Catalan. So far this road is still unfruitful. In government y are also dissatisfied with Brussels response to Catalan conflict, although y do not give it a loss. Spreads conviction that everything is "ready" — "We have never gone this far" — but you have to be careful.

A determination that has collided head-on with response of economic power. A week ago, in Ibex 35 re were six Catalan companies and very possibly today end up with only one. Abertis, Colonial and Cellnex define today if y change ir social headquarters of Catalonia, following path of Natural Gas, Caixabank and Banco Sabadell. A leak of limited tax impact or in jobs, but a devastating message for investors and loss of Decision Center.

The situation is so delicate that Puigdemont met on Saturday in Girona with Juan José Brugea, president of economic Circle, business lobby that brings toger large companies and Catalan economists and academicians. Also a Colonial chair, state of Bruges was concerned about situation and warned that if he went ahead with his plans for a declaration of independence, he would continue cascade of Catalan companies opting to change its social headquarters.

Knowledgeable sources of meeting ensure that Puigdemont was aware of situation. A position opposed to that of Vice-President Oriol Junqueras, who last week denied that companies of Catalonia were going to go if rupture with Spain occurred. Puigdemont did not commit to anything to entrepreneurs.

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