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The Iraqi forces that took Sincar besieged the peshmerga from the West

The Iraqi army, which responded with "Operation Lightning" to the Kurdish regional administration's independence referendum, was followed by Sincar, Mahmur, Celavla and Hanekin, after Kirkuk...

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The Iraqi forces that took Sincar have besieged peshmerga from West, entry date: 18.10.2017 11:31 date of renovation: 18.10.2017 11:45 The Iraqi army, which responded with "Operation Lightning" to Kurdish regional administration's referendum on independence, took districts of Sincar, Mahmur, Celavla and Hanekin after conflict from Peshmerga

Iraq, Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY) unilaterally and contrary to Constitution in violation of ' independence referendum ' on September 25th after Iraqi security forces launched previous night ' Operation Lightning ' continues. Iraqi security forces, which provide control in Kirkuk in first day without resistance, seized Sincar district of Mosul, where he was in hands of peshmerga yesterday and attempted to make a checkpoint of PKK terrorist organization.

After Sincar, Mahmur and Hanekin

Central government pro-Hashdi Shai troops, who entered Sincar without a resistance from peshmerga, lowered ikby flags in government buildings. The Hashdi Sabbath has completely taken over city's dominance. After many years, PKK has a camp in Mahmur district and nearby Celavla was taken from peshmerga by Iraqi security forces. In Iranian border of peshmerga, Hanekin was controlled by Iraqi troops. The Hanekin is a region inhabited by a crowded Kurdish population and a small oil field. Mr. Hassan and Havana oil fields in region have also been reported to control Iraqi forces.

Tuzhurmatu region entrusted to Turkmens

Iraqi security forces in province of Kirkuk in 200 thousand inhabitants of Tuzhurmatu, which lasted until morning after night, placed Turkmens in security points. Up to 60 thousand in city, six of peshmerga were killed in clashes and 70 were injured. Some sources have stated that body of 22 Peshmerga soldiers was brought to hospitals in Sulaymaniyah.

30,000 square kilometers of land lost

According to Haberturk's report; Thus, with opportunity of Deaş 's terror in region, Barzani administration, which adds to territory of disputed regions such as Kirkuk, Sincar, Mahmur, CELAVLA and Hanekin since 2014, has lost se places within 48 hours. With withdrawal of Peshmerga, Ikby administration returned to its borders in new Iraqi constitution adopted in 2005. When Barzani moved to territory of controversial 5 regions, 30,000 square kilometers of land was calculated.

Opportunistic Deaş took 2 villages

According to Haberturk newspaper News, opportunity to deal with Kirkuk terrorist organization Deaş, seized 2 villages. It is estimated that terrorists who seized al-Milh and Et-Tuveyila'ya villages in city center 45 kilometers west of Ed-DIBs fled havice seized last week. Iraqi forces have launched operations for acquisition of villages with a force of 1,000 people.

' Suleymaniye, released to Baghdad ' claim

The Erbil-based Bas News has published details of a deal that was signed between Bafel Talabani and Hashdi Shabi. According to news, Suleymaniye, which is base of Talabani family, will join Iraq. Here are Treaty clauses:

"Iraqi forces will be re-spoken to disputed areas, and forces of Peshmerga will withdraw. 17 towns and Nahiyeh, including Kirkuk, will be delivered to central government. There will be joint management in center of Kirkuk. 15 Kurdish districts will be ruled by Kurds and 25 or formations. Suleymaniye Airport will be kept open. The salaries of civil servants in Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk will be paid by central government. Halepçe and Suleymaniye will join Kirkuk region. A new government will be established for new region. "

West, leaving Erbil

Ikby, which is ' independence referendum ' in norrn Iraq on September 25th, is also being abandoned by its Western allies. Germany yesterday, ' in order to preserve neutrality in Iraq ', in norrn Iraq, forces of Peshmerga, announced that he stopped training. Following announcement of US President Donald TURMP on previous day "We do not take sides in Iraq's internal affairs", yesterday, US Department of Defence was prepared to suspend training and weapons aid to peshmerga forces.

Russia is also being prepared to close its consulate in Erbil. A recent analysis of Britain's influential newspapers, Times, said that western countries that Erbil saw as allies "applauded Kirkuk operation", and " administration of " non-Kirkuk could not survive "in Western capitals Claimed to have gained weight.

' Integrity ' highlight

The King of Saudi Arabia, Selman, called Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar al-Ibadi yesterday, voicing his commitment to territorial integrity of Iraq. Selman also urged to initiate dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil administrations.

Return to Kirkuk

Due to possible conflicts, previous day, leaving Kirkuk, Kurdish families who went to Erbil and Suleymaniye began to return home yesterday. When civilians returned to Kirkuk, re was a place in checkpoints at entrance of city. In city centre of Kirkuk, life returned to normal compared to previous day. On call of new Governor Rakan Said, who was appointed to mission, public workers made work yesterday morning, and schools opened ir doors to students.


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