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Ethnic structures in Iraq live together

Last minute news-Prime Minister Yildirim: We are committed to Iraq, where all ethnic groups will live together. was done in Mosul and Kirkuk...

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Ethnic structures in Iraq live together
Ethnic structures in Iraq live toger zeynel Yaman Agenda News entry date: 19.10.2017 Prime Minister Yildirim: We are committed to Iraq, where all ethnic groups will live toger. In Mosul and Kirkuk, changed demographic structure should be reverted to former prime minister Binali Yildirim spoke at media Forum organized by TRT World yesterday in Istanbul. Yildirim summed up following: Terrorism is becomingwidespread: we see that terrorism and wars in world become increasingly widespread. In addition to radicalisation, we are witnessing that currents such as foreign hostility have begun to increase especially in developed countries. Moreover, it is a distinct concern that radicalisation wave has begun in Europe, where we think democracies are developed. Radical Ideology: It is necessary to develop a container language that rises on values based on respect and tolerance against such tendencies. We should never give opportunities to tendencies that nurture violent extremism and radical ideologies. In framework of agreement reached in Astana, we began to establish a security perimeter consisting of Russia and Iran in order to ensure security of Syrian Idlib region and termination of conflicts re. On basis of territorial integrity, we will continue to be a supporter of every step in way of a stable prosperous Syria, respecting democratic demands of people,territorial integrity of Iraq: The warnings of international community Despite fact that in norrn Iraq, a non-legitimate referendum was clearly violated by Iraqi constitution. We support steps that Iraqi government has taken to plant its constitutional sovereignty. We closed our airspace, started process of crossing border crossings to central administration. Therefore, we are continuing our determination on an Iraqi future where all ethnic groups will live toger. In Kirkuk, which was taken from central government, for example, in areas taken from Deaş from Mosul and peshmerga, norrn Iraqi regional administration's pressure, violently, demographic structure changed with end of region, in accordance with historical depth of We expect central Iraq Administration to show necessary sensitivity for its return to its former state. The un cannot produce solution: The UN has been unable to resolve problems in Afghanistan, Palestine, Cyprus and many or regions that have been ongoing since years. Because he's taking sides. The UN Security Council has five brors. One of se five brors is a party, and he's just blocking whole solution. And or is a side of question in anor area against him, and he clicks. Today, no country is unable to demonstrate Turkey's success in fight against Deaş alone. Terror is a result. For him, our country continues to pursue its relentless struggle with terror organisations such as Deaş, PKK, YWG, PYD, and instability in Syria and Iraq. We are continuing our struggle with terror organization who attempted to change legitimate democratic regime of our country with a bloody coup. In this sense, our basic expectation of friendly and allied countries in combating terrorism is sincerity and more cooperation.


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