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He survived a brain aneurysm from his leg.

A 7-centimeter bubble detected in the brain of the hospital in which it refers to severe headaches, the young man is a rare operation in Turkey...

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He survived a brain aneurysm from his leg.
Brain aneurysm escaped from his leg with a vein that survived AA Life News Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 14:27 A 7-centimeter bubble was detected in hospital's brain due to severe headaches, young man gained health in Turkey with a rare operation.

The 28-year-old health officer Nihat Demir, who suffered severe headaches due to a brain aneurysm in Ankara, applied to health Sciences University Numune Training and Research Hospital on headaches that did not exceed.

In brain vessels, a 7-centimeter "bubble", which could result in death or injury, which was called "aneurysm" and was not treated, was determined that main vein of brain was clogged. The giant aneurysm in iron's brain was removed from jugular vein of his leg, moving carotid artery from his neck to clogged side of brain.

A brain surgeon at Health Sciences University Numune Training and Research Hospital performing a rare brain aneurysm operation in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Deniz Belen, AA Correspondent, a statement of aneurysm, innate The pressure on vessel wall with blood pressures, expressed as a result of vascular weakness, said it gradually grows.

"The patient's brain aneurysm was quite large," he admitted that he was 28 years old and had a severe headache complaint. Aneurysations normally grow to a few millimeters or a santimmetric. There's a sudden increase in pressure or bleeding with height of blood pressure. In our patient, this magnitude was 7 centimeters in diameter. He was paralyzed by right when he arrived. During operation, we saw that 7-centimeter bubble sac was all filled with clots and main brain vein was closed, "he said.

Prof. Dr. Belen, who expressed that one of three vessels feeding patient's brain completely closed, gave following information about operation:

"We had to move blood from or parts of body urgently. If a vein bridge is made from a normal vein to heart vein, we had to carry a vein from root of brain to feeding part of carotid artery that feeds brain. We got 35 centimeters of veins in his leg. We moved vein from jugular vein to blocked side of brain and fed it. So we removed aneurysm. "

Belen, in absence of operation, can clog all main vessels of clot, said, "back and forward clot may proceed. We removed clot and eliminated risk for supplying replacement vein. We both procured nutrition and removed aneurysm sac which is source of clot, preventing clotting incidents that could develop later. It's a rare operation. Two or three have been made in last 10 years. A feature is first in public hospitals, "he said.


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