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Puigdemont calls for a plenary of the Parlament without quoting the declaration of Independence

The president sees in the measures of the 155 "a liquidating purpose" of the Generalitat

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The president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has it all ready to proceed to a formal declaration of independence in response to application of article 155 of Constitution. Cornered by a measure that will depart from charge both to him and his 13 councillors, President requested celebration of a plenary in Parlament, in principle to "debate and decide" on scope of intervention of Generalitat. The Catalan leader did not specify last night in his institutional statement wher plenary will include Declaration of Independence as requested by his ERC and CUP partners.

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The Government saw yesterday greatly reduced its playing field. Within forces sovereigntists spreads idea that re is no longer a margin for intermediate measures and only heard voices that ask presidentque and proclaim independence. Puigdemont kept quiet until nine o'clock at night, when he spoke through a televised speech after attending demonstration calling for release of leaders of Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, respectively.

The president did not clarify wher he would finally proclaim independence in Parlament, but left door open. It will ask House to convene a plenary session for members to discuss and decide "on attempt to liquidate" self-government and Catalan democracy, something that it has accused central government of. "and that we act accordingly," he added in his statement. Puigdemont wanted to give maximum drama to his speech by ensuring that central executive's decision is " worst attack on democratic institutions of Catalonia since Franco's time."

For president, central executive has proclaimed illegitimately representative of will of all Catalans, and now "wants to appoint a directory to Teledirect from Madrid autonomy of Catalonia." Puigdemont, who used English and Castilian in his message, again tried to draw attention of international public opinion. "If European founding values are at risk in Catalonia, y are also at risk in Europe," he said.

Before reading declaration, Catalan leader was in contact with leaders of his party and of ERC, as well as with so-called greater state of independence process, which includes ANC and Òmnium, entities that mobilize independence bases. Most voices asked him to carry forward proclamation of independence, no matter what. The plenum where this could happen does not have a fixed date, but can be from Monday morning. At 10.30 a.m. A meeting of Board of spokespersons is scheduled to fix details.

Puigdemont has to finish deciding wher, after departing from charge both he and his 13 advisors, wants to save second levels of Govern, those responsible for day to day of a machinery of half a thousand instrumental entities that has Generalitat. There are more than 461 senior officials and eventualities of government that will endanger ir position and many of m are both leaders of both PDeCAT and ERC. The only measure that could take Puigdemont to try to curb application of article 155 is to convene a regular election, for which it has no support among its partners.

Saving self-government

The or dilemma of Puigdemont is how to apply double mandate he received from his party last Wednesday. On one hand extraordinary National Council of PDeCAT empowered president to proclaim independence if Government applied article 155. But y also asked him to "safeguard Catalan institutions." And, in eyes of independence, Mariano Rajoy's announcement of yesterday equates to dismantling of Generalitat. An electoral advancement would be a way of saving self-government.

Many eyes were placed yesterday in former president of Generalitat, Artur Mas, who gave start to sovereignty process in 2012, but in recent weeks has worked to curb Declaration of independence by considering that re is no room for An international recognition and muscle to exercise sovereignty. But he attended demonstration and criticized Rajoy's decision. The branded of "illegal and immoral" and limited to transmitting its support to Govern.

But that last week he put on table possibility of convening an election left aside this petition yesterday. The coordinator of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, said that y will not give arm to twist. "No Spanish President or article 155 or anyone will be able to replace our democratic institutions and our right to be free," he said. ERC was more emphatic in its requests. They see no or way out than to proclaim independence. "Now Republic," wrote Vice President Oriol Junqueras last night on Twitter.

Parlament is also one of institutions in which central government, if it gives green light Senate, wants to put focus of intervention. The president of Catalan chamber, Carme Forcadell, pledged yesterday to "defend sovereignty" of Parlament and to maintain " full powers and rights of members".


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