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Daring air-Berlin landing-The passengers say about the honour round

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Daring air-Berlin landing-The passengers say about the honour round

Düsseldorf – "We are not saying goodbye today, but goodbye": The pilot of A330 from Miami said goodbye to passengers on Monday. Then air Berlin aviator put on a round of honour. It was even filmed out of tower.

The turning manoeuvre of Düsseldorf
  • "Honor Round" flown? Authority examines last Air Berlin flight

    After last air-Berlin-Lang flight, pilot over Düsseldorf apparently turned an "honour round". The incident is being investigated.

  • An Air Berlin-pilot's daring "honor round" at Düsseldorf airport?

    What was that? The Air Berlin flight AB7001 from Miami made a stir on flight to Düsseldorf on Monday.

There maneuver was apparently spectacular. But not all witnesses did not see that.

View from air-Berlin-Flight 7001 – this photo made passenger Oliver Hankofer from his seat photo: Private photo

► A WOMAN who worked Monday in "airport City" said Picture: "I was reminded with 11th of September and case Lubitz. In such a densely populated area, this is completely beside it. "

Also interesting
Daniel Demir was aboard Air Berlin machine – he criticizes maneuver Photo: Private photo

► Passenger Daniel Demir (35) is critical: "My stomach turned upside down when pilot suddenly pulleded in middle of landing. That did not feel good, a bit like on a roller coaster – but unsure. There was a woman in front of me who was obviously afraid of flying. She held her eyes with one hand, and with or she clasped her husband's hand. They had to hold hands over middle aisle because y didn't even sit next to each or. She was fixed and ready, that's what you really noticed. The woman really hurt me. That was not a cool action. "

► Passenger Oliver Hankofer (43) on or hand, maneuver praised: "thumbs up! Maybe because I aircraft control myself – but I was happy about maneuver. "

Oliver Hankofer (43) and his wife Sina (32) on return flight from Miami – The hobby aviator found maneuver "cool" Photo: Private photo

Hankofer continues: "This is appropriate for such a moving occasion. I found it beeinruckend how professionally crew took care of flight – although a flight attendants were partially tearing ir eyes. If or passengers found it uncomfortable, I'm sorry. "

Bastian Röhrig (25) Sat aboard AB7001 – he did not bor with start-maneuver Photo: Private photo

► Passenger Bastian Röhrig (25) also did not bor with honorary round: "Many thought it was cool. In addition, maneuver was announced long in advance. While alighting, some passengers even said nice words to flight attendants or even hugged m. " He didn't get anything from complaints, said Röhrig.

Cool or irresponsible – opinions about Düsseldorf Air Berlin manoeuvre continue to diverge.

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