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Improved the rapid diagnosis of cancer in Metu

Metu scientist Prof. Dr. Vasi Hasım and student Dr. Menekse Ermis Sen, body fluids such as saliva, blood, sputum and urine to cancerous cells...

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Improved the rapid diagnosis of cancer in Metu
Developed a chip that can diagnose cancer quickly at METU AA Health News Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 Update 12:26 Me Date: 18.10.2017 12:27 metu scientist Prof. Dr. Tılü Hasım and student Dr. Menekse Ermis, a short coat of body fluids such as saliva, blood, sputum and urine to cancerous cells Developed chip that can diagnose Rede

Middle East Technical University (METU), founder of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Center for Excellence Prof. Dr. Ümür Hasım and PhD student Dr. Menekse Ermis, body fluids such as saliva, blood, sputum, urine and cancerous cells in a very short time Developed chip technology.

Can he leave diagnostic systems behind like a biopsy?

According to AA's report; When nuclei of cancerous cells are placed on special plastic surfaces developed by micro and nano-patterned, it is very extreme deformation and work that is discovered that patterns have been changed, and results of a short time biopsy Preparing to leave diagnostic systems behind.

The head of Association of Biomaterials and Tissue engineering and founding director of METU Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (biomaten) Prof. Dr. Tır Hasıcı and PhD student medical doctor Violet Ermis Sen, "effect of core deformation of micropatterned surfaces The detection of cancerous cells by using "developed" project.

Prof. Dr. Hasar, in a statement concerning cancer chip projects, received preliminary patents from Stanford University in United States and also joint sis advisor of Dr. Menekse Ermis Şen in co-operation with Prof. Dr. Utkan Demirci, A detailed international patent application has been reported to be completed through Metu technopolis.

The first thing that y produce in micropatterned surfaces is that when y realize that nuclei of cancerous and cancer-free cells have changed, that ir shape is normally too close to round, and that y start to reach fork. He told us that y began to measure shape change, but also explained what pushed cells in nucleus to shape change, and cells began to investigate relationship between health conditions and se shape changes.

You just have to diagnose by looking at pattern

Prof. Dr. Vasi Hasıldır, study of cancer-determination chip was initiated primarily by bone tumors, but also on breast cancer cells and cells in healthy tissues and cells of se different types of cancer. said y were compared.

As soon as system finished laboratory studies, patients who were planning to be tested with patient specimens, said: "These surfaces are actually very affordable, and hence reach of patients with high It won't be costly. Our goal is to be able to pre-diagnose cancer directly through an automated analysis system by uploading body fluid to chip system.

After this phase, we plan to refer a patient who has taken preliminary diagnosis to a more detailed examination of hospital. All methods so far are based on a chemical detection method, in present methods, cells taken from saliva are reacting to anor chemistry. In our method, chemical is not used, we determine only physical properties of cells, i.e. by displaying forms on patterns and calculating cells with algorithm, if y are cancerous. "

He noted that cost of chip y developed was very low, and shelf life was much longer than or chemical methods.

"No expert opinion needed for comment"

Dr. Ermis Şen is a difference between software, surface area of each nucleus after deformation, ambient length, proximity of a circle as a shape, and cells known to be cancerous and healthy cells. "If a crowded group of cells are used, se figures are 100 per cent in identifying cancerous groups and 85 percent in healthy groups," he said.

These results indicate that y were successful in developing a more precise diagnostic tool to capture cancerous tissue as a fast and inexpensive screening method, "Şen said, showing that our system will interpret results in working principle No need for expert, "he said.

In this way, Şen stressed that y have developed a new device that will be first in world and aimed to leave behind classical diagnostic systems.

"2016 Metu Prof. Dr. Mustafa Parlar Best Thesis Award", Dr. Menekse ermiş Şen, which transmits invention of chip inventions in magazine "Scenic Reports" of Nature from major science journals, added that work is worthy.


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