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Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy regulation published

' Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy undergraduate and associate degree education regulation ' was published in the current issue of the Official Gazette.

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Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy regulation published

Regulation, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy , established in Faculties and vocational schools, undergraduate and pre-undergraduate education and training programs and ir duration, students ' examination and evaluation principles of Covers ir success status, internships, permissions of students and lecturers, principles of vertical transition, termination of students, separation, graduation and diploma procedures.

According to regulation, language of education in academy and Vocational School will be Turkish. However, Council of Higher education will be able to allow training in a foreign language in part with recommendation of relevant boards and Senate.

In Academy, foreign language Preparatory training will be a year for English and international students in Turkish preparatory classes.


Undergraduate and associate degree educationwill be conducted at sea with selected units, facilities and lands in classrooms, laboratories, exercises and training centres.

Training and teaching, oretical and practical courses, laboratory work, graduation homework and project, homework work, internship, firing and exercise training, professional practices, review trips, research, seminars, practical work, workshops and so on It will consist of teaching and learning activities.

Education and vocational schools will be based on basis of course passing and credit shall be conducted according to system.

The academic periods will consist of fall, spring and summer periods, which will be organized according to basis of half year or year. A half year 14 will be set in form of a year 28 academic course week. The exam weeks will be excluded from this period. The summer semester will be determined by Senate on recommendation of relevant boards, which will be opened and which courses to open.


Compulsory attendance

The absence of extraordinary excuses approved by Senate, except for a third of total course hours of a course, will be deemed to have lost and failed all exam rights of that class.


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