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The Government applies article 155 to dismiss Puigdemont and its advisers

The Council of Ministers approves to convene elections in six months

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The Government applies article 155 to dismiss Puigdemont and its advisers

The Government of Mariano Rajoy has approved this Saturday to convene elections ahead in Catalonia within six months or "as soon as normal is recovered"; Cease president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, vice-president, Oriol Junqueras, and all his counselors; That Catalan Administration should act under guidelines of various ministries; and give veto capacity to central executive in face of any initiative approved in Catalan Parlament, which will remain open. The intervention of those specific powers of Govern under article 155 of Constitution must now be approved by an absolute majority in Senate, which will predictably validate government plan in an extraordinary plenary to be held next Friday.

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The government has decided to apply Article 155 of Spanish Constitution in Catalonia to restore legality; To hold elections normally; ensuring institutional neutrality; Maintaining social welfare and economic growth; and to ensure rights and freedoms of all Catalans, according to Rajoy, who has stressed that " autonomy of Catalonia is not suspended, people who have put it at risk are ceased."

"The Government had many opportunities to apply Article 155 before, but we prefer to act with prudence, responsibility and common sense, trying to make a correction," said president, who personally assumes competence to dissolve Parlament. "You can not do worse things that as has done in recent days Generalitat of Catalonia," added Rajoy, who opted to convene elections in six months has satisfied his party, PP, in front of Pedro Sánchez, leader of PSOE , who asked him to do it in January. "It was neir our wish nor our intention to apply Article 155." We do it because no government, of any democratic country, it can accept that law is ignored, that law is violated, that law is changed and that all that is done pretending to impose its criteria to ors, "has argued Rajoy during a press conference in which y have Clod all ministers of his government. And he stressed: "These measures have been consensual with PSOE and with citizens." I appreciate your support, which I do not interpret as support for government, but also as a support for rule of law.

In a document summarizing reasons for applying article 155, Executive has pointed out directly to Puigdemont and president of Parlament, Carme Forcadell, in underscoring that she considers "highest government and parliamentary authorities" Of Catalonia have starred in a "manifest, stubborn and deliberate breach (...)" "Through setting up of a process of secession." The team of legal advisors of Rajoy observes a "rebellious disobedience" in action of two independent leaders and ir partners in process of rupture, an indication of possible crimes in which Catalan authorities might have incurred. Therefore, y argue in Moncloa, activation of article 155 of Constitution justifies itself in application of its two budgets: that a community does not fulfil its obligations or that it acts seriously against general interest of Spain.

The activation of article 155 of Constitution only has a precedent in history of Spanish Democracy: In 1989, government of Felipe González threatened with its application to Canary Islands, but managed to curb fiscal rebellion of that regional executive before To process his start-up in Senate.

Now, processing of measures in upper house, which will last almost a week, opens last window of opportunity for institutional conflict that confronts Government and Govern to be solved without intervention of powers of Generalitat. Both PP, PSOE and citizens, three members of Constitutionalist front, observe advance call for autonomous elections as best response to growing political, institutional and social tension that lives in Catalonia. Puigdemont, in principle, rejects that option and threatens to declare independence in Parlament. Rajoy, moreover, has emphasized this Saturday that only Senate can already stop application of measures arbitrated under article 155. As a result, countdown has begun: The measures arbitrated by Council of Ministers to assume specific powers of Generalitat will have full validity in less than a week.


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