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History in trial

The journalist of the "world" Alain Sainte-Beuve-Méry explains in his television chronicle that Albert Dupontel takes over from historians to challenge the idyllic and patrimonial vision of France, put forward by Stéphane Bern and his sidekick Lorànt Deutsch.

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History in trial
re play. History remains a highly flammable subject in France. On Tuesday evening, two programs aired at same time still brought an overview. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had invited to dine in "C à you" on France 5, Stéphane Bern, "Mr Patrimoine" of government and animator of "Secrets of history" and comedian Lorànt Deutsch, passionate about history of Paris, which inspired him bestseller Metronome (Éditions Michel Lalala).

As for Yann Barthès, he received in "daily" on TMC, actor and director Albert Dupontel came to present his new film Goodbye Up There, adapted from Prix Goncourt 2013 by Pierre Lemaître. At heart of this novel are broken jaws of First World War and all kinds of traffic that followed conflict.

Taste of monarchy

To date, Stéphane Bern and Lorànt Deutsch had never been assembled on a television set, moderator said. In countryside y are yet intimate and criss-cross France, arms on, arms under, looking for most beautiful or most beautiful chapels in peril, for a project of emission.

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Criticized both, especially for ir taste of monarchy, Stéphane Bern and Lorànt Deutsch claim that y are not historians, preferring to define mselves as storytellers and ardent defenders of heritage. The figure of Alain Decaux, a great television storyteller, is Brandie in Totem.

To escape critics of historians, who challenge heritage vision of Mr. Bern, friend of president kicks in touch and talks about "augmented reality", a technology that allows to see historical monuments, at time of ir splendor.

"I challenge history of France"

For his part, Yann Barthès asks Albert Dupontel, who recently stated that story "should not be taught, but criticized", to enlighten his words. "We are taught that François 1er was in 1515 at Marignan, without explaining that he was going to sting riches of Italians," replied actor, before adding: "There is a bridge Alexander III, or it is same man who invented pogroms".

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Then returning to butcher's 14-18, actor explains that "this war was a disaster, a human suicide." "There have been social ascents and from here to imagine that to calm m, we have pushed his good people to kill each or, re is only one step that I pass happily." And conclude: "I challenge history of France."


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