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10 tons of hazelnut machine per day

Düzce 'd E has been developed by a company that operates in flat terrain to reduce labor costs, the machine can collect from the nuts. The machine can collect 10 tons of nuts.

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10 tons of hazelnut machine per day

In order to reduce labor cost in hazelnut farming, machine has been developed that can collect up to 10 tonnes of nuts per day in flat terrain.

A company that operates at Düzde has designed machine called "Kefeli 1800", which can easily collect nuts spilled on ground in flat terrain as a result of an 8-year R & D study.

On Wednesday, a manufacturer's experiment was successful and hazelnut harvesting machine, Samsun 3. He was showcased at agriculture, livestock and Technologies fair. The machine can easily collect up to 10 tonnes of nuts a day.

Kefeli agricultural Tools Ldt. STi. Member of board, Nusret Kefeli, said y have been producing hazelnut harvesting machine for nearly 19 years.

Hazelnut, which pointed out that re are many machines with a tornado, "especially in plain plains, we have seen that nut collecting is not possible. After 8 years of R & D study, we produced a machine. Last year we did trial work with this machine. When we succeeded, we gave 10 people across country. When farmers were extremely satisfied with this machine, we went into production, "he said.

At agricultural, livestock and technologies Fair in Samsun, it is worth noting that only one day for this machine is 55, "The 100 percent is a domestic production machine. It also fits Turkey's requirements. The machines came from Italy before. Our farmers took se and used m, but y couldn't yield enough. We developed a machine according to this geography. He collects nuts between 8 and 10 tons a day. If terrain is flat and clean, it can collect nuts in 35 acres of land in one day. Not only to collect hazelnuts, but also to nuts of Zurudan, "he said.

"Labor cost lowered"

Suat Yilmaz, who produced 30 tonnes of hazelnut in town of Wednesday, said he tried machine, although terrain conditions were not entirely suitable, it was quite productive.

More than half of product was collected with this machine Yilmaz, "my workmanship was around 50 thousand pounds a year. Thanks to machine, I dropped 22 thousand lira. By making my land suitable for machine next year, I estimate that I will reduce labor costs by 6,000 liras, "he said.


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