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Insults, aggressions, marginalization: the hell of bullying

The documentary The Broken Silence, by Piluca Baquero, is projected in the Seminci of Valladolid

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With Delicacy and sensibility, but without avoiding any of thorny problems posed, documentary The Broken Silence, by Piluca Baquero, addresses bullying through testimonies of several children and fars (especially mors, who give more (CARA) of victims of se abuses, also known by ir name in English, bullying. The film is projected this Sunday (at 19.30; on Monday, at 1715) at Festival de la Seminci de Valladolid in its section Doc España.

Producer of films like Ojala, Val del Omar, traces deleted or what I know of Lola, Piluca Baquero opens with this work in direction with fundamental collaboration of artist Javier de Juan, who has taken plot to screen through animation. The drawings of victims, with real voices of children overlapping, are interspersed with testimonies of parents and mors and experts on a problem often despised and that, however, can carry fateful consequences, as cases of Suicides among minors.

The documentary's own synopsis reveals case: "Maria is six years old, has just arrived at a new school, but some of her companions have decided to embitter her arrival." They put a nickname on it and don't leave it alone. Victoria is 14 years old, spent too much time suffering all kinds of vexations at his school, result was that he suffered for years a picture of post-traumatic stress. Mario is eight years old, in school y called him fat, three children of his class beat him daily. He completely lost his self-esteem and began to stutter. Emma is ten years old, school bullying Protocol made her designated girl of her school, she ran out of friends.

Director Piluca Baquero.

The Director undertook film from a personal experience.  "I HAbía heard about bullying, but I had no idea what it really was;" My only daughter suffered in his school, I understood n that families that passed by this, y were alone, nobody explained to you very well what to do, in school neir knew how to face it and parents of rest of companions did not correct to react, explains Piluca Baquero. "It was n, when I felt need to explain drama by which se children and ir families pass, to sensitize society, so that our politicians realize that bullying is a scourge and that we have to act." Today's children are adults of tomorrow, a society without violence, without aggression, without Taras, is a better society. It seemed very important to Me to keep anonymity of children involved in film, so I to cartoons, keeping ir voices real. "Collaboration with Javier de Juan was fundamental," he adds.

Photo: Javier de Juan, illustrator responsible for animation of documentary. /Video: Interviews with some mors of children who have suffered harassment and with John. Epv


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