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The PSOE supports the measures in defence of the Constitution

Núria Parlon resigns as a member of Pedro Sánchez's executive for his refusal to 155

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The management of Pedro Sánchez confirmed yesterday that it supports concrete measures approved by Council of Ministers for removal of president of Generalitat and his entire government and to cut powers of Parliament in order to convene elections in Catalonia . Sources of executive assured country that intervention announced by executive in Catalonia has its approval whenever it does not deviate from consensus. The leader of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, who appeared before announcement of measures, argued his support for 155 — without citing it — in which party has opted to defend constitution.

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"The best way to defend Constitution is to curb any unilateral bankruptcy," defended Pedro Sánchez in morning before Congress of PSOE Murcia in Cartagena. The Secretary-General reasoned that party had faced a "dilemma", in which, on one hand, it was situated "to turn its back on Spain" and "to prolong agony in Catalonia", and of anor, "to support Constitution". "Secessionism is Brexit of Catalonia," warned Sánchez, who acknowledged that despite his deep discrepancies with PP, "discrepancies about territorial integrity of Spain, none".

The Socialist leader telephoned former secretaries General of PSOE as well as secretaries generals and autonomous presidents to keep m informed and to thank ir support "in defense of Constitution and legality that flag PSOE", reported Fuentes de Ferraz. Some of m, like president of Castilla La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, expressed ir agreement with position of party. "It's a historical quote in defense of constitution and we couldn't miss it," said Castellanomanchego. The tensions reached via PSC, with a communiqué of four socialist mayors asking party to face opposition to 155, but especially with first resignation of executive of Pedro Sánchez: Secretary of cohesion and integration and mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Núria Parlon, signatory of aforementioned communiqué.

The Socialist leadership defended that measures adopted "preserve institutions of self-government and greater expression is validity of Parlament", said José Luis Ábalos, Secretary of organization. It was only warned since Ferraz that party does not see by now any need for government to intervene in Catalan public media: "We have told government literally that public media must continue to function as far as now and point", According to Fuentes de Ferraz, who added: "TV3 will continue to say what it means." This request of Socialists will depend, like all application of article 155, of intention of government: "The president of CCMA [Núria Llorach] and director of TV3 [Vicent Sanchis] will remain in his office without any problem and if government decides to remove m "We'll ask why."

Since Ferraz has requested in negotiations that re be a specific space in courts for se debates: Commission to be created in Senate. If government finds some kind of problem, come to Senate and tell us, "y say." The PSOE, in any case, will monitor implementation of measures of 155 but ensures that it is "loyal" to agreement.

"Applying Constitution is not an option, but an obligation," said leader of citizens, Albert Rivera, who also supports agreement of Council of Ministers, although it calls for elections as soon as possible, as it May 28 January. "The goal is a democratic exit, it is not to be with a government manager sine die and without a deadline, it has to be limited and how soon to call elections," Rivera asked.

Parlon: "The 155 amplifies split between Catalonia and Spain"

The mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Núria Parlon, has resigned from her position in federal executive of PSOE for support of party to implementation of article 155 in Catalonia. Parlon has signed a communiqué of rejection to measures approved by Government of Mariano Rajoy with socialist mayors of Terrassa, Granollers and Castellar del Vallès. Parlon was only one of four who was a member of federal executive. The four signatory mayors expressed ir "radical disagreement and rejection" of 155 application in Catalonia and asked PSC to "opposed head-on".

In a statement, PSOE "respects" decision of Parlon given " current situation of maximum tension in Catalonia". Parlon was Secretary of Cohesion and integration of executive. "The 155 is not solution, amplifies emotional and territorial divide between Catalonia and Spain." "We need to open anor path without delay!" he wrote this Saturday on his Twitter account.

Parlon lost in primaries a year ago against current First Secretary of PSC, Miquel Iceta. Parlon is mayor of Santa Coloma since 2009 and was a Member of Parliament in last legislature.

Parlon did not yield premises of Santa Coloma for celebration of October 1 referendum. During PSC primary campaign in September 2016, Parlon was betting on a constitutional reform that would lead to a more federal Spain. This proposal coincides with Commission of Reform of autonomous State which PSOE has proposed in Congress of Deputies and has accepted PP.

In his communiqué on article 155, four Catalan mayors ask to "Stop clock, without exclusion or red lines" and n achieve "a constitutional reform with all groups of Congress of Deputies" and a new Catalan statute that responds to "all The desires of Catalans.


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