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Walking (again) among the zombies of ' The Walking Dead '

Season 8 opens with the promise of a war and many casualties in the characters.

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"After eight years, how hell can you get something new out of this man?" Andrew Lincoln, who gives life to Rick, is first to wonder what goes through minds of many followers of Walking Dead. After seven seasons in antenna is life in ir zombies? Judging by visit to filming that series of Robert Kirkman offered to country, dead were never so alive. "We always say same thing, but this season we're on steroids," adds actor.

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Lincoln is about to shoot a crucial episode of second half of new season. The scene, which is recorded in Hangar 4 of studios of Seno (in state of Georgia), is key for this eighth season that premieres Fox in early morning of Sunday 22 to Monday (emission to 03.30 and n to 22.20). But it's forbidden to talk about its content. It's worth knowing that in make-up room is a Lincoln who keeps alive all rage of Rick Grimes. And anor of protagonists of scene, Lucille, deadly baseball bat of Negan, is also present, full of blood. In background you hear voice of Greg Nicotero, director of episode, and producer of series, calling action. "I can only say that this season will be bloodiest confrontation of ideologies and that we will suffer great losses." Probably some of biggest deaths in our history. "But hope will also reign," describes Lincoln.

Near set is so-called ' sanctuary '. It is nickname that has been put in projection room where y meet to read scripts. Every episode needs about eight days of filming. The starter and end of season, nine. In room are portraits of all interpreters whose characters have already died, hence name. About 50 faces, each with a figure. "is number given by hiring order." It is known for rest of filming. Save time, space in script and keep secrets, "says spokesman Brandee Brooks. Number two is on wall. It is Jon Bernthal ( character of now protagonist of Punisher died in second season). "That's why I don't like this room," growls Norman Reedus remembering his friends. His Daryl, along with Rick and Carol who plays Melissa McBride, are only characters of first season still alive. "I didn't think it would happen from two episodes," admits actress, whose character in comic "commits suicide with a zombie." Eight years later, everything in her reminds Carol, even dressed in street. "It's worst I've ever had." "I have to wear mascara to go to supermarket because you never know when y'll ask for a selfie," he laughs.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in ' The Walking Dead '.

The feeling of family is noticeable in set. The favorite corner of actress is in colony known as kingdom. "It's where I've spent more time." "But this season, now that we know what happened to Glenn and Abraham, Carol is ready for fight," McBride threatens. In se 60 hectares of land full of scenery that producer Tom Luse shows to this newspaper as if it were a "private amusement park" re are sacred places. Even for cast. "That's where Negan murdered Glenn and Abraham," marks a place orwise desolate, where before was Church of Gabriel, now dismantled, and where at moment real threat is insects and or creatures that brought to area Hurricane Irma in August Re. "I'm not joking, re I found a tarantula size of a dish," recalls Reedus.

The actor who embodies Daryl admits he doesn't know what awaits him in future of series. "Everything is more and more secret." The times were over when we were given six or seven scripts at a time because extras were scavenging in trash. "There are web pages that are dedicated to Chivar!" he exclaims. Anyway, actor advances that this season Daryl has become more vindictive and fighter, without obeying anything or anyone.

Back to Hangar 4, Darrell Pritchett, special effects coordinator is ready. "This man has blown more things through air in this chapter than in whole series," warns Lincoln of next 16 episodes that public will see under promise of an open war. "And I'm not talking about zombies." "The worst ones are humans," section Reedus as Lincoln grabs one of four Lucille Bates y have for filming as if it were irs.

Long live dead characters of Carol and Daryl in eighth season of ' The Walking dead '.

As a matter of contracts, seven is usually number of seasons that marks life of a series. It's clear that that number hasn't stopped zombies. "Nor to Robert Kirkman." He is convinced that show will last anor ten years, so we have done nothing but start, says Luse to country. In earlier statements, author of comic that initiated this zombie apocalypse indicated his hope of lasting at least a hundred or episodes, which would lead to Walking Dead to season number 13. Is re so much life in se dead people? Judging by ratings, that's what it looks like. The same goes for understanding energy with which you work on set. The devastation of Hurricane Irma only closed filming one day. "And for safety on roads." "Here nothing stops us," declared McBride.


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