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Among all

The Catalan crisis must serve to improve our common project

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Among all

Our democracy lives in random times. The disloyalty of Catalan authorities to Constitution and system of coexistence in it designed has forced government of nation, with support of main political forces of country, to propose an intervention as drastic as lacking Precedents in our recent democratic experience.

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Although essential due to drift of events, Cesar government of Generalitat and dissolving Parlament of Catalonia are measures that no democrat can adopt with gusto: Not only reflect depth of crisis but difficulty of leaving it with Not bad.

Therefore, as much as today we can look back and proudly contemplate how Spanish democracy resolved with success crisis opened by coup d'etat of 1981 and came out of it more united and more democratic, today we must also start working to Application of article 155 can be considered in future as first milestone of a process of recomposing coexistence, loyalties and common project that Spaniards agreed on in 1978.

Many citizens, proud to live in peace and freedom in a plural, generous and tolerant Spain, feel a deep concern to see constitution of 1978 put into question and maligned fiercely for those who, in and outside Catalonia and Spain, Interestingly, y confuse legitimate right to defend democratic institutions with restoration of authoritarianism that so many evils brought to Spain.

We know that ir criticism is false, and that in background y hide convictions that are not entirely democratic or that are only half. Undoubtedly, future will put in place and point to bending and cynicism of those who without believing a whit in Constitution or self-government wanted to erect in moral spokesmen of values and democratic principles that precisely y want to destroy.

Our democracy is far from perfect. None of it is. All those who deserve ir name are subjected to pressures, eir from nationalism, populism or radical and xenophobic extremisms. They all present mselves as an alternative to democracy, but y represent ir end.

Thanks to success of transition, Spanish democracy has enjoyed appreciation and esteem of millions of people around world. His economic successes have added to defeat of coup and terrorism, as well as achievement of an area of freedoms, civil rights and economic and social well-being, unparalleled in its history. The crown, first under Juan Carlos I and now under Felipe VI, has been best international symbol of that new, free, open, plural and tolerant Spain. Because of this, being Spanish has meant having open doors and enjoying sympathy of any guest who received us anywhere in world.

Our democracy, with all its imperfections, is not only worthwhile: it deserves to be defended, deepened and improved. All of m.

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