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Mexican Obsession

Trump wants to dynamite the free Trade agreement that America maintains with Canada and Mexico

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Mexican Obsession

Donald Trump's intention to dynamite free Trade agreement that America maintains with Canada and Mexico can be one of biggest mistakes of his presidency, with serious economic, political and strategic consequences.

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Trump intends to introduce an automatic termination clause of agreement in five years unless partners express opposite. It is a non-existent measure in any or treaty of this nature, among or reasons because free trade is a progressive process whose benefits go in crescendo. But Trump does not apea thought that his country loses with NAFTA while Mexico wins, which is false with numbers in hand.

Trump's economic model for US, industrial and manufacturing, simply doesn't exist anymore. The American president believes that it is possible to dismantle manufacturing industry in Mexico and move it to USA and to do so must dynamite FTA. But it does not consider that we are in 21st century. In this unlikely movement, jobs destroyed in Mexico would not be created in US; would be automated.

Politically, at this point Trump should have understood as he cannot permanently insult a neighbor, partner and ally. His Antimexican obsession marked campaign and emerges every time he has slightest internal problem. A strong, prosperous, stable, and democratic Mexico — as is Canada to north — is best thing that could happen to America. NAFTA is a fundamental tool with which everyone wins.

The messages Trump keeps sending to everyone suggests that America is no longer a reliable ally, and that it is not interested in development of international community. Fortunately, re is still a majority who does not believe it.

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