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Puigdemont is reluctant to convene elections and raises a plenary on Friday

Presidential councillor accuses central government of being outlawed

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The president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, continues to resist way that sectors of his party have indicated to avoid or minimise a total intervention of Generalitat. The option to call now elections in Catalonia, "is not on table at this time," said Domingo spokesman of Generalitat, Jordi Turull. Meanwhile, Independenceists finalize call for a plenary for this Friday that could serve to declare independence.

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The plenary of Parliament will be held, according to provisions of independence parties, in parallel to that envisaged in Senate to approve measures of article 155. Puigdemont faces dilemma between continuing with Declaration of Independence or convening elections before losing definitively helm of Generalitat, coinciding with a week plagued by commemorations and historical anniversaries for Catalanism and Catalan self-government. Today is celebrated 40th anniversary of historic "Ja Sóc here" of president of Generalitat Josep Tarradellas, words he pronounced when arriving in Barcelona after 38 years of exile.

There is no indication that president is going to slow down. The Minister of presidency and spokesman of Govern, Jordi Turull, said that call for Catalan elections "at moment is not on table." He also indicated that Generalitat will act for " Defense of wishful of Catalan institutions and culmination of mandate of October 1", and that it is now case that Parlament takes decisions. The only concession that it made to independence sectors that y see in call for elections only possibility of avoiding total intervention was to ensure that decision that is taken will be reasoned. "You must act with your head and heart, not with your stomach," he said.

Puigdemont continued to evaluate on Sunday what supports he has to go forward with Declaration of independence even if it can lead to a lawsuit for rebellion and even a possible admission in pre-trial detention. Supporters of convening elections within PDeCAT remained silent, but not some of media that most supported independence process. The case of Ara newspaper is most paradigmatic. In his Sunday editorial he advocated call for "exceptional, self-defense" elections and "validate" outcome of October 1 referendum. The Vanguard titled his editorial with an eloquent "president, put ballot boxes."

Silence of Moderates

The voices that do listen from Generalitat are those who call Puigdemont not to retreat. "The Republic is not just an option, it is an absolute need for survival," said institutional relations counselor Raül Romeva. In an inflamed discourse during a homage to victims of Francoism, Romeva sought all kinds of parallelisms between current situation and totalitarianism. "We will not allow ourselves to be dragged back into an arbitrariness, however much some may want to hide, disguise, camouflage, or make up legality." Nor will we allow it, nor allow anyone to support it, in any way, "he said while assuring that authoritarianism of or epochs continues to be latent."

Today, much of doubts about timetable that Generalitat manages will be elucidated. This morning Parlament's spokespersons ' meeting will be convened to set next plenary. It was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but independence parties were finally on Friday. Puigdemont's partners have little doubt about agenda. For deputy of CUP Albert Botran "Few people would understand that next plenary was not to proclaim independence."

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