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Is it so hard to say Generalitat instead of generality?

A prudent application of the law also needs to avoid pirómanas statements and repressive temptations

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Is it so hard to say Generalitat instead of generality?

Now that we have changed screen, that many of us agree that application of 155 was inescapable, it is also advisable to mark rules and veto gestures that cannot be accepted on playing field. The government is set up after corresponding vote in Senate to take over reins of Catalonia; And every scruple is little to do it with care, with respect and with maximum definition of limits. There's no carte blanche for anything else.

Statements like that of Paul Casado when he warned Puigdemont that he could follow same fate that Lluís companys is, for example, one of those excesses that cannot be repeated. Or that y should be censured. The Catalan president of ERC who declared independence in 1934 was imprisoned for it. Two years later he was pardoned. And in 1940 he was shot after being detained in France.

Married, Deputy Secretary of communication of PP, clarified that he meant arrest and not firing, but it was not for him to threaten president with prison or — as he did when he responded to reaction of Pablo Iglesias — to accuse we can claim to kill Head of state: "Those who ask to assassinate king and your adversaries are you."

Are we crazy? Is that best communication manager that can have PP in time of firm pulse and correction? The independence Challenge has awakened monster of Spanish nationalism asleep and re are many loose walking Knights lanced in Riste in search of false giants, but statements like those of married also contribute to it. Feelings are a skin flower and urge firefighters, not arsonists.

Anor excess of se days has been a claim to ban independence parties, which would, for example, prohibit europhobe parties in European elections. Let Le Pen fight European Union within European Union to prove that we are not like her. Did we not want m to fight within system and legality even if it were to change it? To be measured with votes of everyone else? Or do we prefer to leave m out of any possibility of competition? In this proposal is again married and Xavier García Albiol, president of PP in Catalonia.

When 2002 Parties Act was passed that prevented Batasuna and his reincarnations from appearing, it was emphasized from all his defenses that no ideology was banned, but support for violence. Now y err those who want to extend prohibition to ideas, and also give contrary arguments to strengn ir propaganda.

Now that article 155 of Constitution has arrived for first time in 40 years, it is worth avoiding repressive temptation to opposing ideas. Anor communication policy of People's Party and government is possible. and necessary. To start by saying Generalitat instead of generality would be a good start, especially now that government is going to oversee its powers.

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