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' The Walking Dead ' 8: Mercy

We review what the chapter of this week has given of itself. Eye, spoilers.

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' The Walking Dead ' 8: Mercy

What happened this week in The Walking Dead? We started with our weekly review of what happened in series of zombies in its eighth season. Every Monday we will discuss most interesting points of each episode and, incidentally, open debate so that fans have a space to comment. Each post is headed by number of chapter in question, and only discuss what has happened to that chapter. One last warning: This entry contains spoilers.

-What happened this week?

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Sounds of birds and a sweaty Rick that seems drowsy is first impression of eighth season. A cane, some flowers, a watch through a whitish filter (images that we saw in trailer). Rick at Glenn's grave. The first 30 seconds of eighth season of Walking Dead depiste. And y are a repeated resource throughout chapter and that ... will not be resolved at end of it. The following is a motivating speech by three leaders of new alliance: Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel, against tyranny of Negan. Rick makes it clear that all this happens to kill Negan: "When I met Jesus [ character of fiction, of course], he told me that my world was going to widen." We've found that world. We've met each or. And that bigger world is ours by right .... There's only one person who must die, and I'll kill him in person. I will. And we will continue to make world bigger. Toger. "

It has been months and resistance to Negan has been strengned. There is a great plan prepared, but it is not explained which is, we will discover it. And communication between Daryl and Dwight has also been strengned (apart from both wearing lear, y like motorcycles, have same dirty hair and carry a crossbow). The first one warns second that next day will happen what y were waiting for. The counterattack is looming, but first action jumps back to enigmatic image of Rick grizzled, bearded, in a bed. And cut back to a close-up of sweaty Rick (he seems to be in a complicated situation). Are y images that Rick imagines or dreams?

Daryl, Morgan and Rick kill guards of advanced posts and clear way to reach lair of Negan and saviors. "There's 30 minutes left," Far Gabriel announces, submachine gun on his shoulder. It seems that everyone is clear that we must fight, no matter violence. No one already has a conscience about group. The group leaves, armed to teeth, of Alexandria without Michonne and Carl, who remain to defend fort. They go in cars strengned with metal plates, halfway between Mad Max and Team A.

The plan includes driving a huge horde of zombies to place where y are Negan and irs. Everything is coordinated so that first Rick and ors surround factory of Negan and force him to leave "I was in a meeting", says Negan with his usual cockiness and with Lucille in hand. He and his chief lieutenants (including traitor Eugene and double agent Dwight) are exposed to weapons of Rick and company thinking that se will not shoot. I'm not going to put my people on line of fire just to play that my cock is bigger than yours. That it is, we both know it. "I'm not going to put my people in danger, like you're doing," says Negan. But Rick's not for games. Gives m a chance to surrender. Even, he says, will make a countdown so whoever wants to abandon Negan will do so at that time. Before carrying it out, Gregory appears on side of Negan, who says that Hilltop is loyal to villain. But it's no use to back Rick and Gregory is pushed down stairs, abandoned to his fate. That's when Rick starts countdown, but when he gets to 7, he starts shooting without warning. I said, re's no right and wrong, everything's fine.

And when Rick seems to have cornered Negan, Gabriel arrives and tells him that y have to go: "It's not about you," he says. It is part of plan to run away, but to leave Negan alive in such a clear situation ... And all so that in end priest is one who stays in midst of all fuss, when flock of zombies has arrived, to try to save a wounded Gregory. And on top of this ignores and flees in one of cars, leaving Gabriel lying.

The Horde arrives at complex and Gabriel manages to hide ... in same place where Negan is. This one tells him he's going to shit his pants. The last image of m is from trailer where y are hidden being surrounded by hundreds of walkers. And from re we went back to that whitish dream in which Judith is about five or six years old and everything looks wonderful with Rick, Michonne and Carl, who also appear. But everything is cut with return to sweaty and weeping Rick in foreground, which says following sentence, in connection with having left alive to Negan, we suppose: "My piety prevailed on my wrath". It seems that Rick is in a situation of danger, can he again in hands of Negan? We don't know at moment. The chapter ends with end of motivating, positive speech, which gives that to think that indeed, nothing is going to be easy and returns complications ( sweaty Rick).

The episode is dedicated to memory of special effects technician who died during filming last summer and filmmaker George A. Romero, who was killed on 16 July.

-The character of week

It's very obvious, but it has to be Rick. Because it seems that we see him fully preparing attack on Negan. Because it leaves that mysterious halo of that whitish dream. And because we want to know why he sweats so much and remember that he didn't kill Negan when he could do it ...

-The surplus plot of week

Carl, with longest hair ever, looks for gasoline and meets a man who seems lost (physically and mentally). Rick drives him away with a shot and this is where we see that protagonist of series and his son are not at best of ir relationship. Carl goes back to gas station and leaves a couple of cans to man he saw with a note of forgiveness. This character looks at him from behind a bush. and little else. We assume that this would evolve in some way ...

-Count of zombies and dead humans.

Like every year, this is going to be a complicated task, but we'll try again. We're going to limit dead on screen. I'm sorry if, in big killings, we have a problem. We start with account:

Dead Humans: 6

Dead Zombies: 3


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