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"The Pact of the Sea": When the filmmaker Satochi Kon hair his cap of manga

This manga-fable on the tensions between tradition and modernization is one of the first works of the Master of Japanese animation, which disappeared in 2010.

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From Satochi Kon, one knows above all its unforgettable achievements in Japanese animation cinema. His first Perfect Blue film, a tortured thriller Nugget, but also feature film of SF Paprika have brought him to forefront of genre's greatest filmmakers. This master, who died in 2010, yet made his debut as manga. Published and award-winning from his first story, while still a student of fine arts, he later became assistant and disciple of Katsuhiro Otomo, creator of Akira. A talented double career that he conceived as "one just as inseparable as two sandals".

by republishing in France Kaikisen, translated into a pact of sea, Patel gives (re) to discover first long narrative of Satochi Kon, written and drawn in 1990. If drawing sometimes lacks a little maturity, and gave a lot of trouble to young manga-he talks about a "real tsunami" that allowed him to realize " immaturity of [s] one trait"- sketched in this contemporary fable remains very current.

The Pact of Sea describes schism between defenders of tradition and supporters of modernity, in a small town of fishermen. The technical progress made by rural world is a classic me of twentieth century that still resonates today with reflections on future and resources of planet. In Amide, a village atre of history, promoters seek to concrete coastline with complicity of some inhabitants who see it as only way not to let village die. On beaches of amide, it is also country youth that is told, between those who flee to city to succeed ir lives and ors, driven by weight of family inheritance.

But book also pays homage to power of nature by giving ocean a decisive role in plot. No wonder when you know how much respect for elements is rooted in Japanese philosophy. Here, all part of a legend that says that inhabitants of Amide would have made a pact with sirens: creatures will ensure m good peaches and prosperity if humans take care of one of ir eggs.

Is legend true? What does it matter? Is it not an additional way to make it a tourist site? So many questions that will syncope a narrative rar turned towards languor of days in country.

Like every time in his works, Satochi Kon cultivates with delight blur between fiction and reality. Between imaginary and madness. The very cinematic cut of certain passages as well as rhythmic sequence of plans also suggest that talented filmmaker could be filmmaker, who disappeared from cancer at age of 46 years.

The Pact of Sea, by Satochi Kon, Collection Patel Graphic, 224 pages, €15.


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