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Ibrahim Eren: We will bring together the sounds of the prevailing voices

TRT general manager Ibrahim Eren spoke at the opening of the TRT World Forum. Eren, this forum will be the international debate platform, noting that the ' prevailing voices with the sounds of the low will bring together. TRT World's discussions and moves to the screen all year round, this forum will be credited to the table ' statements.

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"While positioning TRT World from first day, our most important motivation is to see what is not seen, but to create a vision that will sound to those who do not extend microphone," said Ibrahim Eren, TRT general manager. Our goal is not winner; It was to reflect voice of illusion, sound of eziline, voice that was not listened to, "he said.

Eren spoke at opening of TRT World Forum.

We are creating an international discussion platform that will be repeated every year with TRTWorldForum to be held on October 18-19. @TRTWorldRC

— Ibrahim Eren (@erenibrahim) 17 October 2017

Since establishment of TRT, right, objective and balanced journalism is center voicing Eren, said y did ir best to accomplish this.


In recent years, TRT has increased its influence with Turkey's development, Eren said, "The world is experiencing a crisis of communication, trust and stability, and in a period when journalism is negatively influenced by TRT's English news channel TRT World, By entering international publishing area, it promises to be a new breath, a new perspective on journalism. While positioning TRT World from very first day, our most important motivation was to see what was not seen, to create a vision that would sound to those who did not extend microphone. Our goal is not winner; It was to reflect sound of Mazlme, Eziline, voice that was not listened to, "he said.

  • With journalists who are not afraid to reach truth in TRT World, Eren emphasized that channel is established with journalists who will deliver facts to world without fear.

For discovery of truth, Eren pointed out that TRT World is an important platform, noting that:

  • "We performed launch of canal in November last year. I mean, we're not even a year old as TRT World. But in this short time, we have known news and publications about world's public opinion. It was recognized and adopted in geography where facts were ignored. We're on way. We are a very working and ambitious channel to close distance quickly. "

Having quoted viewers as saying "beyond news", Eren said that TRT World Forum is also a product of this vision.

In following years, forum, organized by TRT World, gave information to journalists, academics, people and politicians to bring toger idea.

"Forum will be international debate platform"

The forum would be an international debate platform, Eren said, "We will bring toger sounds of prevailing voices with low voices. TRT World's discussions and moves to screen all year round, this forum will be credited to table every year. Different ideas will come toger on this platform. TRT World's news concept that puts people in center has also given its color to this forum.


Humanitarian crises will be in center of issues we discuss in forum. This is belief that prepares ground for our meeting here.

People and conscience say, idea, and those who speak, can make a touch that will give direction to history that flows. That's why we had main me of first year of Forum as "inspiration for change in age of uncertainty". The TRT World Forum will host an in-depth analysis of global issues in this environment where discussions in world are confined to a vicious framework, as a clear, conscientious and free platform for every idea and approach. Toger with our participants who specialize in different areas throughout Forum, we will see solutions and human-oriented approaches to issues and can be approached toger. "


Erdogan, opening of Forum Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, closing of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that appeal of world, said that guests from different geographies.

Somali Prime Minister Hasan Ali Kayre's country is unable to participate in forum due to terrorist attack, Eren, people of Somalia has expressed condolences.


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