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What are you doing in Kirkuk?

Last minute news-President Erdogan spoke at the meeting of the Mukhtar: Mustafa Kemal Misak-I did not draw this line from Milli to Kirkuk? How...

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What are you doing in Kirkuk?
What are you doing in Kirkuk? Safure Canturk Agenda News Introduction Date: 19.10.2017 President Erdogan spoke at meeting of Mukhtar: Mustafa Did Kemal Misak draw this line from Milli to Kirkuk? How do we turn back?

"Kirkuk is mine," he says. What right do you think I am? The regional administration of every spilled blood, President Tayyip Erdogan, said in norrn Iraq that region will account in front of norrn Iraqi Regional administration (IKBY), who acted without taking into account structure of different identities, " The Kirkuk says, "What's right one?" For this reason, every blood spilled in Iraq is responsible for regional management, "he said. Before day of 19 October muhtarlar, 40 ' Inci muhtarlar meeting, which took place yesterday in Küliliye, began with Kirkuk song called "Golden Speed". President Erdogan wanted to continue music that was cut after he stepped on bench. In hall and President Erdogan listened to ballad for a while. Erdogan, in his speech, gave following important messages:

President Erdogan "What you are doing in Kirkuk" will notsave Ipini " goal of attempted betrayal on July 15th is also our nation directly. Everyone is punished for degree of betrayal. And charlatans who have ruined ir world and ir afterlife in pursuit of such infamy will not be able to save his rope. You see how people who live in region are now getting our troops from Turkey. The same way you watched Idlib meet entrance of our troops. "Welcome to descendants of Fatih." This isn't happening when you're standing. The oppressed, victims are waiting for us. They say, "Come save us." It's a work of being a sufferer. We have a problem. Where victim, oppressed, we're re.

President Erdogan addressed Muhliye in heart of two sides ofour hearts re was a terrorist act in Somalia was killed around 300 people. Who ran re again Turkey. Turkey was only country in face of this atrocity that supposedly developed countries did not say a word of humanity. Because if we don't do this, we'll be back on legacy of our ecnanny. Today, Turkey struggles to protect future of his brors, all mankind, his freedom. They ask us what you do in Syria, Iraq, Balkans, Caucasus, North Africa, Central Asia. This is our answer to se unknowing unhistorical: All geographies in east and north of Ankara, one side of our heart, all geographies in west and south are or side of our heart. Can a man tear his heart out and give up some of it? Our Ecdadım, Gazi Mustafa Kemal, did not draw this line until Misak-I Milli and Kirkuk? How do we get back to Kirkuk? Our lesson is terrorism We have no problem with our little problems with our Kurdish brors in Iraq or Syria. We look at Kurds in Iraq and Syria in same way we look at Arabs, Turkmens. We see m all as brors. Our problem is just a terrorist organization. While fighting with PKK, we do not look at identity, language, and legitimate of terrorists belonging to this organization. It's same with Deaş. In fight against fetus, our only measure is wher it is a member of terrorist organization. I've collaborated with Ikby for many years. They're financially trapped, paying ir officers to pay ir salary. Why is Turkey covering North Iraqi administration with this degree of conversation and helping to close border crossings and airspace today? Ikby has to answer that question. Without regard to structure of different identities of region, those who act in a rush of opportunity to be in a state of hysteria will be accountable in front of date.

Küliliye is responsible for spilled blood of ballad, says Kirkuk, which is what you say. Do you have history in Kirkuk? What are you doing in Kirkuk? They tried to discipline se people re with my cruelty. It is regional government responsible for every blood spilled in Iraq for this reason. We will not condone those who have not yet fully survived liquidation of a terrorist organization, but who have already had a record like PKK, who have opened ir track to anor terrorist organization. Now, from top to bottom, food, medicine, clos that's not going to come in anymore. The airspace is closed now. We're most important airspace. We are food to central administration, we will send needs of ilfiled re. But we want public to see what norrn Iraqi leadership has brought to heads and give necessary lessons. " President Tayyip Erdogan, yesterday also accepted in complex of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, weekly meeting of usual. President Erdogan, Sirnak's unlicensed coal quarry in previous day in migration of 7 workers who died in life of Sekvan Üstün's family phoned. Painful far Teter Superior and six children orphaned with grieving wife Zeynep Üstün Erdogan, condolence was found. ' terrorist If you are defending our paths are divided here, "PYD/YWG, se are PKK's subsidiary... My Kurdish brors, with all due respect, if you are defending se terrorists, our paths are separated. My Kurdish is your right, of course, but you are not entitled to be an abortion. Thor is right of course, but it's not your right to be a turkism. Because y're divisive. Our hearts are open to our brors and sisters. As long as y don't give us any credit to policies that attempt to shoot from our lives, y shouldn't be involved in se initiatives. " One night is suddenly entered"we will not allow use of PKK, Deaş, Syria, YWG/PYD in norrn Iraq. We'll do necessary when it comes. Say No. One night is suddenly entered. "


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