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Almost 40 women accuse film director James Toback of sexual harassment

A report from the newspaper ' Los Angeles Times ' picks up the testimonies of the alleged victims

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Almost 40 women accuse film director James Toback of sexual harassment
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The sewers in Hollywood are still destapándose. Nearly 40 women have accused American film director and writer James Toback of sexual harassment in encounters dating back to decade of 80, according to a report published this Sunday by Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Toback, of 72 years and nominated for an Oscar by script of Bugsy (1991), allegedly harassed women who had hired, who were looking for work or who had approached in street, according to information of newspaper. The accusations come from testimonies of 38 women, most with ir names and surnames.

Toback, according to report, deceived women under pretext of being a gateway to Hollywood. In later meetings, which took place in private spaces, such as a hotel room, or in public spaces, such as a park, masturbated or rubbed against m.

Louise Post, guitarist and vocalist for band Veruca Salt, who in 1987 met Toback at Barnard University, recalled that director told him he wanted to masturbate while looking him in eye. That same libidinous request is repeated in accounts of or alleged victims. "Going to your apartment has been my source of shame for last 30 years, having allowed myself to be so naïve," he lamented Post.

In case of writer and presenter Sari Kamin, to which Toback accosted in street on pretext of offering him an audition, director persuaded her to meet alone with him in a hotel room and pressed her to undress with excuse that if it was not Able to do it re, I couldn't do it on a set. Kamin finally agreed and at that moment Toback approached him and rubbed his crotch. When asked, "paralyzed," if she was trying to stimulate herself sexually, director replied that "Of course" and young girl ran away.

"I was shocked and icy and didn't know what to do," said Terri Conn, an actress who was 23 years old when she met in a closed area of Central Park in new York with principal and began rubbing against her leg. "I thought if I resisted, it could get worse," he added.

None of alleged victims, some of m young aspiring actress who left acting after incidents, contacted police.

Asked about diary, Toback denied having ever known women who accuse him, or know m only "five minutes", so he says he has no "memories". He also argued that it would be "biologically impossible" to perform behaviors he is accused of because of diabetes and a coronary condition that has been suffering for 22 years.

In addition to talking with newspaper, Louise Post shared her experience in networks with label MeToo (I also), which has become popular since scandal of sexual abuse in Hollywood by producer Harvey Weinstein came to light.

The Italian actress Asia Argento, one of women who accuse Weinstein of sexual abuse and, in particular, of rape, has written on Twitter after publication of report: Very proud of my sisters to bring down anor pig: James Toback.


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