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The government dismiss Puigdemont and his entire cabinet

The Executive shall appoint a representative to centralize the coordination tasks of Govern-

- 109 reads.

The government dismiss Puigdemont and his entire cabinet

The unpublished article 155 of Constitution has been studied and evaluated with completeness by government to calibrate how far it could reach in its application on autonomous community of Catalonia. The measures that will now be studied and approved by Council of Ministers, to be immediately referred to Senate, whose bureau is convened for 1 p.m. this Saturday, are subject to a final debate by Council. The president left for European Council of Brussels and yesterday Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo with two open options: The respite of President of Generalitat and directors of economy and Interior or all Consell. The safest option is that of a general relay of entire government Council of Generalitat of Catalonia, according to version corroborated by PSOE, with whom government has agreed to general framework of Agreement. Ministers are now ready to take charge of areas related to ir responsibility as of Saturday, October 28, one day after plenary of Senate as it is compulsory to approve measures, after discussion of parliamentary groups and heard Allegations presented by Generalitat.

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The events of recent weeks, above all, approval in Parliament of Catalonia on 6 and 7 September of a law to hold a referendum, already declared unconstitutional, and anor of transience towards a Catalan republic, outside Spain, They move government to take se unprecedented measures in Spanish democracy.

The restoration of constitutional and statutory legality, "ensuring neutrality of institutions", and essential public services, safeguarding economic interests of Community and preserving rights of freedom, security and plurality, They demand destitution of Catalan government, y explain in government sources. The scope of measures is in line with gravity of situation in Catalonia. The consulted interlocutors consider that making a partial destitution would not be effective and it is also very likely that directors not affected by this decision of central government would refuse to remain in ir posts in solidarity with President and Responsible for Interior and economy.

The coordination of tasks of Ministers in areas of Government of Generalitat will exercise a figure to be determined but which at all has a presidential profile, point out in government sources. The weight of tasks will be carried out by ministers who will, in turn, commission a high office of ir department to take charge of task concerning Generalitat.

Toger with destitution of government, President of government, Mariano Rajoy, is expected to invoke holding of elections in Catalonia, also under article 155 of Constitution. It is not foreseeable to say specific dates although since PSOE was announced yesterday to be held in January, as also corroborated president of citizens, Albert Rivera from Oviedo, where he attended ceremony of delivery of awards Princess of Asturias. The announcement of elections created a considerable stir throughout day. The socialist leader Carmen Calvo, confirmed in TVE information according to which re was a government pact with PSOE for that call. The government resisted confirming it, while sources from environment of Pedro Sánchez informed country that this is agreement that Socialist leader has with President of Government.

Reduced efficacy with least possible damage

The words that are most heard both in government and in PP are moderation and prudence in adoption of measures that today will be approved by Council of Ministers. "Efficacy and least possible damage", is objective that y pursue, knowing that secessionist parties and even those that have not opted for independence, as we can or in Comú Podem, will reject decisions that Mariano Rajoy announces. They also know that for an electorate sector y will be short. Rajoy attributed to government imprint of doing nothing but strictly essential, hence rejecting creation of parallel government structures in Catalonia. Its criterion is that profile of intervention is low, almost administrative and bureaucratic.

Waiting for what today points to Mariano Rajoy, debate is installed within popular ranks because PP of Catalonia, but not only, presses to not set a specific date but a period not less than six months and even extendable. "It is too early to say that re is going to be an election on a specific date, but it is clear that this process will end in elections," said government spokesman Íñigo Méndez de Vigo.

The PSOE's pact with Government includes that intervention does not imply eir destitution or suspension of activity of Parlament of Catalonia, according to socialist sources, until elections are convened. However, it is possible to limit its functions, eir by agreement of Council of Ministers or by way of facts (since when all Consell falls re is no control to government, neir camera can receive bills nor proposals of groups , to be informed by Government). The intervention of TV3 was very complicated in PSOE, but last decision is Rajoy.

The executive believes he is empowered to convene elections

An unknown has been clear about wher elections can be convened in Catalonia under auspices of Article 155. "We believe that it is a possibility that 155 empowers to convene elections and certainly Aboca logic to hold elections in Catalonia," said minister spokesman of government, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo. For weeks re have been political, legal and constitutional discussions as to wher it is possible that elections can be convened from Government of nation.

The executive has come to conclusion that this constitutional article, unpublished and without exhaustive development, allows almost everything. Nothing furr from will of government and PSOE, in any case, than to convene elections.

Requests to President of Generalitat to convene elections have been incessant and will continue in coming days. Until yesterday, however, pessimism was evident in governmental ranks by noting for ir informal conversations with councilors of Generalitat who were closer to proclaim independence in a plenary of Parlament, this time with all official , that of convening elections. "The executive's priority is to restore legality and neutrality of Catalan institutions, as y are now being violated," said Minister spokesman of Government to justify measures taken today by cabinet. They will still be very aware of steps that Govern can give next week in case president of Generalitat decides to convene elections. It will still be full of rights. He will not be relieved of his powers until Senate votes on measures next Friday.


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