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The government resigns itself to apply the 155 following the threat of Puigdemont

The president of the Generalitat threatens to vote the formal declaration of independence that did not vote on the 10th

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The government will launch mechanism envisaged in Constitution, through article 155, in order to intervene important functions of Generalitat, including security, finances and some of president's own. The intervention will be immediate consequence of announcement made yesterday by Carles Puigdemont that he would propose to Parlament to vote on Declaration of Independence "which did not vote on 10 October," If government "prevents dialogue". The measures will be effective when Senate votes m, predictably on 31st.

The two deadlines that Moncloa gave to Puigdemont have ended with result that least wanted by President Mariano Rajoy: There is no clear confirmation that independence has been declared in Catalonia. Tomorrow, an extraordinary Council of Ministers will be held to agree on intervention measures that prevent government from moving forward with its secessionist plan. The executive had established two phases, second of which concluded at Ten in morning of yesterday, to give opportunity and time to Puigdemont to provide an answer that would prevent launch of article 155.

The Moncloa understands that president's replies have left him no room. "If central government persists in preventing dialogue and continuing repression, Parlament of Catalonia may proceed, if it deems it appropriate, to vote on formal declaration of independence which did not vote on 10 October", says letter sent yesterday from Barcelona.

Extraordinary advice

With that answer, Puigdemont recognizes that he did not formalize Vía secessionist when he appeared on that date in autonomous chamber, but that it will if Rajoy does not accede to a direct dialogue on Catalan question. The president argues that it is what most Catalans want, based on results of October 1 illegal referendum. However, dialogue part of premises in Antipodes. The offers raised from Catalonia revolve around independence while Rajoy's are designed to deepen self-government within current model.

The chief executive is only left with option of re-establishing law, but his utmost concern is consequences of application of article 155, which has never been used since its enactment. "The government will put all means at its disposal to restore legality and constitutional order as soon as possible, to recover peaceful coexistence between citizens and to curb economic deterioration that legal uncertainty is causing in Catalonia," explains Communiqué of Moncloa, diffused shortly after envoy by Puigdemont.

An extraordinary Council of Ministers will approve measures tomorrow, to be analyzed by Senate in order to "protect general interest of Spaniards, including citizens of Catalonia, and to restore constitutional order".

The government is analyzing, toger with PSOE and citizens, se in background, what would be battery of measures that would apply. For Rajoy It is a priority to go from arm of Socialists. Everyone agrees that citizen security should remain in hands of executive after experience of 1-O. Illegal consultation. The adoption of or measures can lead to need to rely on security forces for compliance, as government sources anticipate in a serious tone.

Anor plot that executive considers vital to have under his control is finances, but sources consulted conclude that most transcendent measure will affect presidency of Generalitat. The government is not at all inclined to promote a presidential figure that replaces Puigdemont, but it does appoint someone who channel instructions dictated from Moncloa. The call for elections would be anor of those measures if, as is foreseeable, President refuses to exercise a competition that is exclusive to him.

The list of measures and scope of intervention are carried with absolute hermetism. Both government and PSOE will continue to study its content until shortly before Council of Ministers, according to sources consulted, who accept that y are not proving easy. Rajoy spoke with Socialist Secretary general, Pedro Sánchez, before leaving yesterday to meeting of European Council of Brussels to indicate that, in fact, after Catalan response, 155 took anor step.

The Generalitat also calibrates actual scope of intervention that fixes Constitution and how far it can go. Yesterday I did not expect something very different from answer given by Rajoy, but sources consulted recognized a certain frustration by door almost immediately to what y consider "an open offer of dialogue" reflected in letter. "Or answer of Moncloa was already made before receiving [ missive of Puigdemont] or have read it and have not cared." They have not been delayed for 30 minutes, said government spokesman, Jordi Turull, through social networks.


Media of Generalitat argue that accepting that independence has not been voted, as last paragraph of missive sent to Rajoy, could be gap that would prevent application of 155 and calm waters in face of eventual dialogue , which for Generalitat is to speak, yes, of terms of secession. Hence sense of bewilderment at clear-cut response to activation of constitutional mechanism.

The bet was risky, because before independence bases added a more confusing element about last steps that Catalan executive has given. The debate as to wher re was a declaration of independence on 10th and n to freeze it continued open in different areas of society.

He did want to see a space for dialogue, delegation of judges for democracy in Catalonia, for which Puigdemont's response "makes it clear that, in purity and juridically, re was no declaration of independence." The association, of which 104 judges and magistrates are part of Catalonia, believes that "it is not yet time to open way of article 155" and believes that " hope should not be lost in trying to establish a dialogue".

It does not see it thus Rajoy, which even considers completely unacceptable that in answers of Puigdemont overlook autonomy of powers of state. The Catalan ruler quotes between his demands that judicial decision of entry in prison of presidents of ANC and Cultural Òmniun is raised.

Secession without date

The executive does not know when government will use Charter of declaring independence, as Puigdemont's writing says. There is no unanimity between secessionist forces. The process of suspending autonomy, which will be extended at least 12 days, gives a lot of leeway for secessionist parties to convene plenary of Parliament in which final vote will take place.

Puigdemont could ask Parliament for this vote once Council of Ministers proposes measures or wait for m to be effective when approved by Senate. On Monday, an ordinary spokespersons ' meeting will be held in Catalan chamber, and Junts PEL Yes and CUP hold meetings to arrive with a joint strategy, but re is still no date for session. The PP, citizens and PSC have already said that y will not allow vote or that y are not directly attending plenary.

The PDeCAT, Puigdemont party, decided on Wednesday to support president to make statement if 155 is activated. "We will see what y decide" in extraordinary Council of Ministers, y assure sources of Govern. Puigdemont himself commented at meeting of his party that it might be case that coincide both decisive Plenarys: The Senate to approve application of article 155 and Parlament to declare independence.

The Catalan executive can play with times, even with invitation to appear in commission of Autonomous Communities. He will soon have answer, when president of Senate, popular Pio García-Escudero, meets tomorrow at his table to discuss measures approved by Government.

The plenary of upper house which definitively approves intervention of Catalonia will be held in a predictable way on 31 October. Everything is underway, but two governments still insist on invoking temporary margin that y still have ahead.

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