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The independence warns that from Saturday may declare secession

The PDeCAT and ERC urged to expedite the dialogue but admit that the application of the 155 can deplete the deadline

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The independence warns that from Saturday may declare secession

The PDeCAT and ERC, two parties of Junts PEL Coalition Yes, consider that from this Saturday y will feel liberated to lift suspension of Declaration of Independence if Government of Rajoy applies article 155. The secessionists argue that Carles Puigdemont gave his letter yesterday with anor sign of dialogue — Deputy Carles Campuzano spoke of "truce" — but y say that deadline will be exhausted by measures announced by Moncloa. The CUP is not consented by 155 and insists that independence should be declared as soon as possible.

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  • The government will launch on Saturday 155 after response of Puigdemont
  • The PDeCAT supports declaring independence if 155 is applied
  • The independenceists claim that "re is still time" until Saturday

Deputies of Junts PEL Yes and CUP held yesterday in Parlament a meeting to decide how and when to consider Declaration of Independence effective. The anticapitalists of CUP, supporters of a declaration " sooner better", did not hide ir discontent with formula chosen by Puigdemont to propose that, if dialogue is not possible, Parliament can, if it deems it appropriate, vote declaration. "The People of Catalonia (...)" decided independence. All way here. The rest, ramonetisme, "said deputy (left seat last day 11) and now councillor of Barcelona Eulàlia Reguant in relation to proverbial characteristic of converging swim between two waters. Mireia Boya, Member of Parliament, had already announced eve: "We talked too much about 155 and little Republic." "And latter voted for more than two million people in referenda."

Junts pel SE Escudó in negotiation with CUP and barely gave clues. Their discussion focuses on holding a monographic session in House or convening General policy debate. However, ERC spokesman Sergi Sabrià insisted that y maintain offer of dialogue until "The last minute", although he warned that y are "closer" to lifting suspension of unilateral Declaration of Independence (DUI). Government measures, said Sabrià, can "precipitate decisions." He added that tomorrow will be "a key day."

The majority group and CUP are studying to hold a full monograph or General policy debate

Sabrià interpreted as a "threat" response of Moncloa to letter he had sent Puigdemont in morning. In his view, 155 "is umpteenth aggression to Catalonia and its sovereignty, although it has been being applied by back door for days." He left question of wher oretical truce ends on Saturday but said: "When government puts black on white threat will be closing more doors."

The question is when that session would be held, because times of processing in Senate can be extended until 30th. The spokespersons ' board meets Monday and calendar will be cleared from n on, but everything is still in air.

From Madrid, representatives of ERC and PDeCAT in Congress maintained positions much more focused on insisting on loophole of dialogue which, in ir opinion, is still open until tomorrow. "There is still time," insisted Carles Campuzano, spokesman for PDeCAT, who expressly used word "truce": "We keep truce until this Saturday, of course," he said to clarify that until n re will be no declaration of independence. Joan Tardà, of ERC, said that content of letter of Puigdemont "is ratified in will to dialogue and leaves everything in stand by". And so he pointed out, best thing would be for government to do same thing with article 155, "Stop Machines" and sit down and talk, "even to talk about what to talk about and discuss."

There is still time, "said Carles Campuzano, spokesman for PDeCAT, who expressly used word" truce "

Neir one of us cleared suspicion that tomorrow Times can stretch again and open a new set of nerves. No one wants to be exhaustive. To question of when article 155 is considered to be active, if Council of Ministers approves it or when process in Senate ends, Tardà responded bluntly: "I have no idea." He recalled that "even professors do not agree on scope" of that precept. And when he was asked again at what point independence in Parlament would n be declared, he was again ":" Well, even when it all seems, and it is, difficult, I believe that scenario is still conducive to making dialogue possible, because " Anyone doubt that all this will end up arguing and talking? "We live in advanced societies where everything is resolved dialogue, n if end will end up negotiating and talking, why not do it already?".

As for ambiguity of letters of Puigdemont, Tardà justified, in same line, that " important thing is that communiqués, expressions, offers, contain as many hooks as need to that parties are welcome to m". "Here what is worthwhile is always keeping hand in dialogue and no unambiguous answers," he said. For his part, Campuzano opined that president's letters are "very clear." "There are results from 1 October and consequences of that result are suspended until an offer of dialogue is mouth." If re is no offer, consequences are assumed and Parlament will proclaim independence, "he summed up.

The spokesman of PDeCAT, who rejected call for early elections, regretted that government ruled out "political solutions" and thus enter a scenario "bad for Spanish and very difficult set in Catalonia". The launch of 155 will make " dialogue between institutions almost impossible," he repeated, and would be " greatest political error in democracy in last 40 years."


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