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Lombardy and Veneto claim more autonomy with two ' yeses ' resounding in the referendum

The two prosperous regions exceed the minimum of participation fixed in the Autonomista consultation so that the result was taken into consideration

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Lombardy and Veneto claim more autonomy with two ' yeses ' resounding in the referendum
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  • Lombardy and Veneto guarantee with ir participation ask for more autonomy
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The participation has not been overflowing, but enough to begin process that both regions had proposed to carry out if ir citizens came to vote for referendum held this Sunday to ask for more autonomy. Lombardy and Veneto, two of Italy's three richest and most industrialized regions, have approved by sending referendums to ask Government of Italy for more autonomy. The consultation, which was called some 12 million citizens, was not binding and was carried out within framework of Constitution and "unity" of Italy, as question itself underlined, and was going to serve for two regional presidents (of Norrn League both) ) have more strength when it comes to negotiating in Rome greater powers.

The victory of Yes — 98% in Veneto and 95.3% in Lombardy — was out of question, so participation was key. Lombardy, presided by Roberto Maroni, had not set a legal minimum to validate mandate from ballot box. Its president had pointed out that it would be 34% and has finally been surpassed in six points (40%). However, Veneto region, led by Luca Zaia, was committed not to take into account results if it did not reach 51% of participation and final result has been 57.2%.

Zaia himself has welcomed result by banishing idea that it is only Norrn League that calls for more competitions. "There is no party of autonomy, but citizens of Veneto." This referendum is not a joke as many people said. Today he gains desire to be owners of our own home.

Both processes, led by a Norrn League that has insisted on completely separating it from what happens in Catalonia, and publicly backed by Silvio Berlusconi and Forza Italia, would begin to run before spring elections and will be an important piece Of election campaign. But today Monday no citizen will notice difference. Nor in coming weeks or months. Because what both presidents will ask is transfer of greatest possible number of 23 competencies that can pass to autonomy according to Constitution — education, guardianship of health, complement of pensions — and some 27 billion euros to pay for m ( (in case of Lombardy) because it is about half fiscal deficit y allege and y will claim. Zaia has already announced that starting today y will begin to do so.

Critics claim that one could ask without referendum. In fact, Emilia-Romania, ruled by PD, will follow that procedure. But Roberto Maroni disagreed in an interview with country last week. "In 16 years, many regions have asked for it, but government has always denied it." So if a lot of people vote now, it would give us more strength to negotiate.

Beyond number of participation, referendum reopens controversy over lack of solidarity of North with south and can complicate national key discourse of Norrn League of Matteo Salvini. In fact, one of his main allies — Fratelli di Italia, de Giorgia Meloni — has already unmarked him and openly criticized him. Siun However, major PD mayors in region, such as Giuseppe Sala (Milan) and Giorgio Gori (Bergamo) have signed up to initiative and have openly shown ir support. Always, Desmarcándolo of Catalan case.

In fact, Salvini, who has described competencies claimed as "kilometer 02 policy, has thus referred to consultation:" While in Barcelona and Madrid we fight, here we have a lawful referendum. "" Without however, from political halls of Rome y continue to see se initiatives as seed for a future threat. The two regions, which add up to 34% of Italian GDP, want to reduce ir fiscal deficit, gap between what y bring to state and what it returns, an amount that some studies figure in 54 billion for Lombardy and 18 billion for Veneto.


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