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' The referendum was erased on the field '

Iraqi Prime Minister Ibadi spoke after the army pushed the peshmerga in 48 hours before the 2014 borders of Ikby: They will cancel the referendum...

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' The referendum was erased on field ' entry date: 19.10.2017 Iraqi Prime Minister Ibadi, army in 48 hours I He spoke after pushing peshmerga to Kby before 2014 borders: We hope y will cancel referendum, but we ended it on field, Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Ibadi, U Despite all or reactions, Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY), which led to a new crisis in region, has made significant messages by deciding unilateral independence on September 25th. After Iraqi army's status of Kirkuk in 48 hours, especially in majority of disputed regions, after 3 years of re-checking, Ibadi said Iraqi flag should be hanged all over country, noting that referendum He said he was staying. "I warned Ikby officials that referendum would harm interests of Kurds in first place," Prime Minister Ibadi. The referendum is over and it's past. The Iraqi flag is all Iraqis. It has to be hanged all over country. We're hoping y'll cancel referendum, but we ended it in field. No civil war in country. As I announced before, I am still committed to implementation of federal government authority in entire country. " The Iraqi prime minister, who warned for failure of provocative acts in Kirkuk and controversial regions, also said that "establishing three separate federal administrations in Ikby" behind Peshmerga retreat during operation against Kirkuk Claims to be unrealistic. elections in Ikby suspended Meanwhile, Ikby high electoral and Referendum Commission announced on November 1st that preparations for presidential and parliamentary elections were suspended due to recent developments and no candidate applicants. When preparations begin, Ikby Parliament will decide. The peshmerga, linked to Ikby, withdrew from conflict in Kirkuk on Monday. On Tuesday, Iraqi army provided control of Mosul's Sincar and Mahmur District and Başika. The peshmerga retreated to areas under management so that before June 2014.


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