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Prime Minister Yildirim: We support the steps of Iraq

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim spoke at the opening session of the TRT World Forum. Noting the consequences of the northern Iraqi referendum, Prime Minister Yildirim said that the Iraqi central Government supported the steps taken by Turkey.

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Prime Minister Yildirim: We support the steps of Iraq

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim spoke at opening session of TRT World Forum. The highlights of Yildirim's speech are as follows:

TRT World was founded to inform people of truth by making right news, voice of those who could not hear voice. TRT World was born in a sense to appeal to current media conception. I would like to express as a member of a country and a political movement that has been subjected to great injustice in journalism, and it is enough to give truth and only truth in journalism.

Turkey's mission is to serve truth, voice of oppressed, mind and conscience. We are witnessing that TRT World is doing best in a global way. Turkey, which unites continents with bonds of brorhood, which spans vast geography with history of civilization, will continue to act as conscience of world.

Advertising bomb attack in Somalia

I wish God mercy to all our brors who lost ir lives in this brutal terror attack. I am fiercely cursing this vile terror incident.

Our activities are not limited to our own territory

We see that terror and wars are becoming increasingly widespread in world. In addition to radicalisation, we are witnessing that currents such as foreign hostility have begun to increase especially in developed countries. Moreover, it is a distinct concern that radicalisation wave has begun in Europe, where we think democracies are developed.

In recent years, we see that current political area of immigrants and foreign hostility in Europe has been under influence. This confirms concerns we have actually raised for a while. Taking into consideration se developments, Turkey continues to pursue its understanding of inclusive and embracing policy. As much as we're worried about Syria, we don't neglect Arakan's troubles. We are running for help of Somalia, as we run to aid of Palestine.


Our activities are not limited to our own territory in Turkey. In world where re is trouble for people, if re is a catastrophe, who needs help, re is no time to lose, Turkish charities and Red Bear, AFAD, Tika and all civil society organizations are ready to grow immediately . In a sense, Turkey continues to be conscience of world. Where re is a bleeding wound, we fulfill historical responsibility of our civilization, which our values have uploaded to us.

We must never give opportunity to nurture radical ideologies

Unfortunately, racism, xenophobia, Islamic hostility and or discrimination that are rising and expanding in our age make people more and more divided and fragile communities. It is necessary to develop a container language that rises on values based on respect and tolerance against such tendencies. We should never give opportunities to tendencies that nurture violent extremism and radical ideologies.

Advertising Idlib operation

We have initiated Astana process in Russia, Iran and Turkey for provision of permanent ceasefire in Syria and establishment of peace. We have carried out se initiatives in United Nations umbrella, Geneva process. In framework of agreement reached in Astana, we began to establish a security perimeter consisting of Russia and Iran in order to ensure security of Syrian Idlib region and termination of conflicts re. We will continue to be a supporter of every step in construction of a stable prosperous Syria that respects democratic demands of people, based on basis of territorial integrity.

We support steps Iraq has taken

Our stance on Iraq is clear and clear. Turkey attaches great importance to territorial integrity of Iraq. A referendum that openly violated Iraqi constitution was held. We support steps Iraq has taken. The steps we take in Turkey are available and we are taking steps by step by step.


In Kirkuk, which was taken from central government, for example, in areas taken from Deaş from Mosul and peshmerga, norrn Iraqi regional administration's pressure, violently, demographic structure changed with end of region, in accordance with historical depth of We expect central Iraq Administration to show necessary sensitivity for its return to its former state.

Agenda TSK launches operations in norrn Iraq: 2 Commando teams entered


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