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Google's artificial intelligence has produced its own replica

In May, Google introduced AUTOML, the artificial Intelligence and machine learning program last month. The Program was designed for artificial intelligence software to produce their own artificial intelligence software, and is now producing more successful software than people.

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Google's artificial intelligence has produced its own replica

A big step has been taken by Google to fulfill one of greatest dreams in human history. An artificial intelligence program developed by company AUTOML creates new artificial intelligence programs by producing ir own replicas.

A project called AUTOML, which Google introduced five months ago, produced a more efficient and stronger artificial intelligence software than human hand-crafted software of advanced artificial Intelligence engineering. The resulting system successfully completed a visual memory test based on logic of categorizing images by 82%. There was no human intervention at any stage of this test.


Even though imagined artificial intelligence was a simple task, AUTOML managed to beat human-made systems on a complex mission. The software has marked and categorized location of multiple objects in images.


Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai

We want to enable hundreds of thousands of software and developers to easily install such systems.

Machine learning-based software requires at least one person's support to have visual memory under normal conditions. It starts to scan and identify different images and objects contained in software with help of hand. The difference of AUTOML is that FA emerges at this point. This program was able to do this without any human assistance.

Googlenet architecture. The design of this network required a careful trial and improvement from early versions of conventional architectures for many years.

In second phase of tests, AUTOML achieved a 43% success compared to a man-made artificial intelligence. The 39% of traditional software has achieved success.


The results of technological history are of considerable importance. Google aims to serve as few people as possible in production of industry systems, medical technologies and software in hundreds of different areas. When we start to entrust se areas to artificial intelligence, we may encounter an industrial revolution.

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