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IPhone 8 's Battery exploded

Apple's head of the US technology giant seems to be in trouble with the IPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices released on September 22nd. The technology giant, experiencing an inflatable problem in the battery of iphone 8 Plus models, looks like a very painful headache with the explosion in the battery of an iphone 8 model.

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IPhone 8 's Battery exploded

Apple is in trouble with devices, offering IPhone 8 and 8 Plus , new device on September 22nd. The technology giant, who recently experienced a battery problem on iPhone 8 plus devices in various locations, is not in a statement concerning problem. The swelling problemwith battery of ir users is causing phone's back cover to pop up. The latest question was included in small model of iphone , i.e. battery problem on iphone 8 .

A Chinese news site called Orientaldaily, according to report, a woman named Xiaomin, IPhone 8 She bought for her far, wore a song from night. When he woke up in morning, he realized that re was a huge hole in back of his iPhone and smoke . The woman who panicked over incident tried to intervene immediately pouring water on phone that was on charge.


The case without any injuries has been avoided. But he left a question mark in mind that woman named Xiaomin did not hear explosion, even though she slept beside device.

By taking device immediately upon that incident, Apple is unable to receive an answer about phone that woman takes.

Battery problems on Apple's new device arouse serious doubtsin terms of technology world. But after all this happening, Apple wing doesn't make a sound, but it makes users nervous. Apple fans, who have seen this silence, are also bringing up questions about a Note 7 scandal that also comes to Apple's head.



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